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MARDAC is a management consulting firm offering custom-designed programs to help you achieve your goals, including team building, strategic planning, leadership development and succession planning. MARDAC Business Coaching and Consulting is based in Oregon and serves clients nationwide


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MARDAC provides the consulting support your company needs for optimization of your human resources. Our skillset is adaptable to meet the needs of companies with two employees in one office or fifteen hundred employees distributed across multiple locations. We will help you make your business faster and stronger by making the most of your greatest asset – people.

Our workshops/presentations cover the traditional and customized application of the basics that insure the development of Career and Personal Effectiveness Skills. They are unique in that they provide participants with innovative processes of experiential training and exercises that become meaningful learning experiences. MARDAC’s training gives participants dynamic and practical tools to enhance and improve their on-the-job skills. Sessions are custom designed to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Mike has a broad and diverse background in human resources, business process development, and strategic management that he draws upon to develop thorough processes and programs. I have had the opportunity to work with Mike on several different projects and have found him to be a good partner who delivers on whatever commitments he has accepted. He’s a real team player and innovative thinker!

Mike Hawley